→ His Name is Robert Paulson

20 August 2009

Does it really matter what his name is? He didn’t want us to know and didn’t want us to call him by it.

Don’t call me Christopher. Call me Chris or defunkt.

Either way, I’m willing to bet it wasn’t Jonathan. Jonathan Gillette worked on Javuh with _why in 2002. They both, apparently, worked at iNetZ Media. Which would explain why their mailservers are they same – they both were emailing from work.

They both worked on the Javuh project at the same time:

They both contributed different parts of the documentation:

_why joined SourceForge in 2000:

Jonathan joined SourceForge 2001:

Jonathan also worked on other projects without _why:

Now we can all stop obsessing about who we think he was and instead focus on who he actually was – a prolific and inspiring hacker.

Thanks for the memories, _why.