→ Hotkey Bookmarks

27 January 2010

Since switching to Chrome the thing I've missed most is the ⌘# hotkeys for bookmarks.

In Safari you can hit ⌘1 to open the first bookmark in your bookmark bar, ⌘2 to open the second, etc. This means you can keep your bookmark bar closed and jump to any site whose number you know pretty quickly. No clicking or extra UI required!

In Chrome, ⌘N quickly switches you to the corresponding tab in the active window. Some people love this. That's great, and they're not wrong - it's a cool feature. What's wrong is having to pick sides.

Spark is a great piece of OS X software which lets you bind key combinations to anything - Applications, AppleScript, etc.


I've bound F1, F2, F3, and F4 to AppleScripts which open the sites I want.

Here's an example:

do shell script "open https://mail.google.com/a/ozmm.org/"


No more relying on the browser of the month for this functionality. Sweetness.