→ How are rubies cut?

08 May 2008

Master Rubyist Charles Nutter recently posted an entry titled The Rubyists are wrong. Wrong about the way rubies featured in our Ruby logos are cut.

My father has worked in the jewelry business for over 30 years. As soon as I read Charles’ article, I wondered what Pop would think. So, I emailed him.

Here is his response:

[Charles] is close, but he missed it. The diamond part is correct. But in my
experience and having worked with diamonds and color all over the world
there is one common thread in the cutting of any color stone. Diamonds are
cut for brilliance and yield. Any color stone is cut into a shape which will
bring out the color to its upmost beauty and at the same time maximize the
yield of the rough. That is why you see more cushion shapes and ovals in
rubies. But you usually only see those in larger stones. The majority of
the small stones are round. So, I would have to say the round cut is cut the
most. Also, the round cut is different from the diamond brilliant cut.
Faceting is done to bring out the color in the color stones. So, there
really isn’t a facet count on round color like a diamond would have.
Also, all of the Ruby logos are correct. If that was the best way to cut the
rough to maximize the color than it’s possible a cutter would use any of the
shapes, including the JRuby logo. Yes, a lot of color stones are cut off
center or in a nonsymmetrical shape.

Thanks Dad.