→ Linux vs Classic Dev Style

20 January 2009

I tried to leave this as a comment on “Developer > Project, or Project > Developer(s)?”:http://journal.dedasys.com/2009/01/10/developer-project-or-project-developer-s but the form errored and I couldn’t find a contact email address. Here it is:

GitHub lets you do Linux-style fork development, or classic SourceForge style development. The difference is you have the choice.

Using the Network graph you can easily see which fork in a Linux-style network has the most recent activity. It’s one click away from any repository’s home page, but we’re working on better surfacing and summarizing the information.

As for lazy developers not requesting you pull in changes, the Fork Queue lets you see unmerged changes in forks and even lets you merge them in from the web interface.

We’re constantly working to improve our tools and the ways you can manage your projects, as well.