→ Love Bank of America

04 June 2008

Here’s the story:

I opened a new Bank of America account and, naturally, ordered checks. They never arrived. I went into the bank and asked them for more, and if they could cancel the MIA block. Nope. They can only cancel checks for a certain amount of time, not indefinitely. I needed to open a new bank account.

Okay, that’s fine. But my rent is almost due. If I open the new account today, can I immediately cut a check? “Yes!” Okay, great. As long as my check doesn’t bounce. I love my landlord and would hate to pull a stunt like that.

New account opened, new temporary checks received, and hey, I even get to keep my old check card. Score. I drop off my rent check on time and all is well.

Two days later, I decide to deposit a check I just received. The nice teller asks, “Which account would you like this deposited in?” Well, I only have one account. “Actually, you have three.” What? Okay, put it in the one with all the money in it. I’ll talk to a personal banker and make sure the others are being closed.

Except, nothing is being closed. And no money was transferred. The account with all the money in it is my OLD account. The new account is empty. And no, there’s no transaction pending – the money WAS transferred, then was transferred back. What the hell? (Thanks for the email or phone call letting me know.) The personal banker has no idea why.

I go home and transfer the money online. It’s supposedly instant. Let’s hope the rent doesn’t bounce.

(As far as distributing money goes, I do in fact have a second checking account, but I just emptied that sucker paying taxes. Emptied, of course, because I never had checks for the new Bank of America account.)

So yeah, Bank of America sucks. I think I may be moving back to Wamu or using Patelco, Charles Schwab, or eTrade – all of these were recommended
today. I moved away from Wamu because there is no branch near my apartment, but I think not hating my bank outweighs proximity.