→ Rip 0.0.2

21 July 2009

I just pushed the second alpha release of Rip. What’s new?

  • C extensions are now built automatically during installation.
  • Rip can now uninstall itself using sudo rip uninstall rip.
  • Added ruby command for running Ruby within a specific ripenv: rip ruby some_ripenv file.rb
  • Add RUBYBIN env support to rip ruby: RUBYBIN=/path/to/jruby rip ruby cheat_env cheat.rb
  • Rip also respects the RAKEBIN and GEMBIN env variables.
  • Improved zshell support.
  • Support for the fish shell.
  • Added rip setup command.
  • Can pass --bindir, --libdir and/or --ripdir as to setup.
  • More friendly and informative rip check.
  • Rip now installs into /usr by default on OS X (not /usr/local)
  • Rogue plugins can no longer break Rip.
  • Packages may now respond to hooks in the installation process.
  • Added upgrade to setup.rb.

And, of course, bug fixes. Thanks to everyone who contributed!