→ Rip 0.0.3

06 August 2009

I just pushed the third alpha release of Rip. What’s new?

  • New git-style help system. Thanks Ben Burkert!
  • rip install blah -f does a “force” install.
  • Nicer rip env list output.
  • rip env list -p shows a few packages from each ripenv.
  • rip env list ripenv runs rip list for a specific ripenv.
  • Added rip use ripenv as an alias for rip env use ripenv
  • rip build now tries to run make clean before make install

And, of course, bug fixes. Also, I found a few projects that include a deps.rip file. Check ’em out:

We’re getting closer to Rip 0.1.0, which will contain a big surprise. You’ll love it. See you then.